Cherry Care At-Home
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CherryCare At-Home is a Medi-Cal Personal Care Assistance Agency dedicated to continuing care services for patient who do not required interventional care in a hospital or nursing home setting. Therefore, CherryCare provides in-home supportive care services under the Federal/State's NF/AH (Nursing Facility/Acute Hospital Waiver Program. To qualify for this NF/AH Waiver program, the patient must first be enrolled in Medi-Cal's IHSS (In-Home Supportive Services). So this NF/AH Waiver program provides additional hours of in-home care to the IHSS patient.

CherryCare will enroll you in this NF/AH Waiver Program by doing the initial patient evaluation and preparing all the related documents necessary for enrollment. Once approved, CherryCare will employ you or the designated caregiver, to provide the care to the patient according to Medi-Cal standards of at-home care. CherryCare will then continue to submit the required documentation to Medi-Cal for continued eligibility.